1. 7p/10e

    Produced, Story, Co-Starring LA Confident
    LA Weekly Review
    Skype Valentine’s Feature
    Rodeo Review (Sweden)

  2. Setup, Punch : Short

    Premiered at 2013 Tribeca Film Festival
    Featured at Savannah Film Festival
    Featuring Kyle McCullough a.k.a.
    LA Confident
    as Super-Into-It Stoner

  3. Berqclé Fashion Video

    Shot and Directed by Paige Craig
    Edited by LA Confident

  4. Atlantis (Short)

    LA Confident
    as Production Coordinator
    Film Screened at Santa Barbara Film Festival

  5. 2012 Video-A-Day Project

    When I went home for Christmas, I discovered that my dad had imported over 300 gigs of old Hi8 video footage into his Mac Laptop. Hours upon Hours, with more being ingested daily. I copied off the entire 300 gigs to my computer and have given myself a fairly impossible, but rather non punishable, new years resolution to attempt. I will chop up one video a day of events, situations, memories, cool things, etc… from this plethora of footage. There is no constraint on length or quality of product. Just to get as many memories from the rather long unedited tapes condensed into bite size passably entertaining footage to bring back the original memories as a point of reference for the future. Anyone my dad or I ever pointed a camera at will very likely be in this at some point. I will post everything to my video-a-day page.

  6. Out On A Limb – Joseph Arthur

    Directed by Myriam Santos &
    Edited by Kyle McCullough a.k.a. LA Confident

  7. Mark IV – “Ashtar Command w/ Joshua Radin” – Music Video

    LA Confident as Secret Assassin

    Directed by Matt Ornstein

  8. Father and Son

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  9. Action Gardening

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  10. Throw It On The Grill – Turtlenex

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